Microsoft Tries to Wow Consumers with Surface 2


With news that Microsoft has recently purchased the devices division of Nokia, most people have been faithfully waiting for news of Windows Phones. However, Microsoft has just announced the second-generation Surface tablet running on Windows 8.

prod_surface2_WebAccording to experts, the Surface 2 is a powered-up version of the Surface RT. It has better battery life, which will be even better when you invest in a Power Cover, which has an integrated battery to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Microsoft also announced the Surface Pro Docking Station, which may turn your tablet into a serious work device rather than just one for play. That’s why Microsoft are calling it “productive” and “professional.” The Surface Pro and Surface 2 are compatible with the dock, which uses USB 3.0, charges your tablet and has ports to connect your devices via miniDisplayPort and Ethernet cable. The docking station also includes a headphone jack.


Interesting enough, Microsoft has designed a cover for DJs. The so-called Remix Cover replaces a QWERTY keyboard with a backlit cover that has controls for the new Remix Project app, which lets you mess with the building blocks of music.


Finally, the Touch 2 and Type 2 covers have been revamped. The Type 2 is less bulky and comes in more colors, while the Touch 3 cover is slimmed and has improved responsiveness. You can use the new wireless adapter with both of these covers.

With Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Balmer, set to retire, it will be interesting to see if the company sticks by the Surface 2.