iPhone 5S Upgrades from iPhone 5


Across the world individuals in diapers to wheelchairs waited in lines for Apple stores to open for the first chance to see the new iPhone 5S in person. Twitter exploded, and Apple could barely keep up with demand. However, the question on everyone’s mind is what is actually different from the iPhone 5 model?iPhone5s_PF_3UP_HERO_web2

This new iPhone is geared towards the high-end smartphone buyer; someone who is Apple-loyal or who needs an extra push to change from Samsung to Apple.

Here are some of the more “wow” factors the iPhone 5S boasts:

A7 processor: everything runs faster!
iOS 7: This (and the other released new Apple product, the iPhone 5c) is the first Apple product to come preloaded with the new software program iOS 7.
Motion Co-Processor: allows the phone to monitor the usage, so when it hasn’t been in use for a long time it will actually save power by checking with the network less often.

iPhone5s_Gld_iOS7_webNew Camera Features:

8MP camera. The iPhone 5 also has the 8MP camera, but this new model offers a bigger sensor and more effective pixels.
Burst mode, which allows users to take 10 images per second
Slow-motion HD videos
No shutter lag

Fingerprint Locking: Instead of a numbered passcode, the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor recognizes your thumbprint and unlocks the phone.

If you know anything about the iPhone 5, you might not be able to tell the difference between that and the new “S” counterpart; they look almost exactly the same. However, the new software and safety measures on the 5S are a big step up from the 5. Do you think the new features make this phone worth purchasing?